IActiveDcam Interface
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Provides a pass-through access to an ActiveDcam COM object associated with the video capture filter.


For a detailed description of methods refer to Properties and Methods in the ActiveX Reference chapter.


This C++ code request a pointer to IActiveDcam interface from the video capture filter and sets up a bilinear Bayer interpolation with GB layout:

IActiveDcam *pActiveDcam;
hr = pFilter->QueryInterface(IID_IActiveDcam, (void **)&pActiveDcam);

Use IActiveDcam interface to access the camera properties and methods not available via standard DirectShow interfaces, such as Bayer conversion, trigger mode, trigger polarity, image rotation, timeout, ISO speed, 1394 register read/write and others. Since DirectShow does not support 16 bits per channel media types, you might want to use IActiveDcam's image access methods for retrieving high-depth pixel data.

Note that for YUV video modes the Display property must be set to TRUE in order to use image access and image analysis functions such as GetImageData, GetComponentData, GetImageLine, GetImageWindow, GetHistogram, GetImageStat etc. These functions require internal RGB conversion which by default is turned off by DirectShow filter to reduce the CPU load.

Refer to ActiveX Reference chapter for more details.