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ActiveDcam is an SDK and ActiveX control designed for rapid application development tools, such as Visual Basic, VB.NET, Visual C++, C#, Java, Delphi, Python, Matlab, etc. Provided is DcamViewer application allowing customers to operate multiple cameras and save images in a number of formats. Also included are TWAIN and DirectShow drivers for interfacing to third-party imaging and video capture software. With ActiveDcam your application immediately supports 1394a and 1394b digital cameras compliant with DCAM 1.30 and 1.31 specifications.

In general, with ActiveDcam you can :

·Create 32-bit applications for the 32- and 64-bit Windows, as well as native 64-bit applications for the 64-bit Windows.  
·Acquire and display live video from one or several 1394 cameras.  
·Select among multiple camera sources.  
·Set a desired video format and triggering mode.  
·Select among several hardware and software trigger sources.  
·Grab 8- and 16-bit monochrome images, or 24- and 48-bit color images.  
·Perform automatic color interpolation of a monochrome video generated by Bayer cameras.  
·Choose among several available frame rates.  
·Select the desired size and position of the scan area.  
·Flip and rotate the live video.  
·Adjust multiple camera parameters in real time: brightness, gain, shutter speed, gamma, sharpness, hue, saturation.  
·Control focus, iris, tilt and pan in cameras with motorized lenses.  
·Activate automatic or one-push control over selected camera parameters, such as exposure and white balance.  
·Perform an absolute value control over the camera parameters.  
·Save camera settings in memory channels or system registry and reload them on demand.  
·Control non-standard camera features by direct access to 1394 registers.  
·Choose among several palettes for pseudo-color display.  
·Choose between synchronous and asynchronous acquisition modes.  
·Get an instant access to pixel values and pixel arrays.  
·Retrieve individual color planes from RGB images.  
·Import live video to a PictureBox object.  
·Perform image processing on captured frames and display processed video in real-time.  
·Perform real-time histogram and statistical analysis over a selected color component.  
·Implement real-time background correction over the dark and bright fields.  
·Apply 3x3 color matrix correction to incoming images.  
·Automatically identify hot pixels and eliminate them from incoming images.  
·Perform the running average and integration of incoming video frames.  
·Apply custom LUTs (lookup tables) to incoming video frames.  
·Perform manual and automatic Window/Level processing (brightness, contrast, white balance).  
·Save images in BMP, TIF and JPEG formats with adjustable compression.  
·Load and display images in BMP, TIF and JPEG formats.  
·Decode 1D and 2D barcodes (UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, Code 128, Code 39, Interleaved 2/5, QR Code, DataMatrix, PDF417).  
·Perform time-lapse capture to an AVI file or series of sequentially-named images.  
·Scroll and zoom the live video with the full screen option.  
·Overlay custom graphic and texts on the live video.  
·Draw multi-colored graphics and texts with an adjustable transparency over the live video.  
·Synchronize video rendering with the monitor refresh rate to eliminate the tearing artifact.  
·Interface to third-party imaging applications using the included TWAIN driver.  
·Interface to DirectShow-based applications via the included Video Capture Source filter.  

With the extended ActiveDcam DVR version you can:

·Record multiple AVI files with the sound.  
·Reserve a space for AVI files to eliminate dropped frames.  
·Play back AVI files with an adjustable speed, direction and frame interval.  
·Browse through the frames in an AVI file with the full access to recorded pixel values.  
·Use a proprietary raw codec to record and play back raw Bayer video with no quality degradation.  
·Control the recording and play-back volume.  
·Record the incoming video into a memory sequence.  
·Perform a loop recording.  
·Play back the recorded memory sequence with an adjustable speed, direction and frame interval.  
·Apply post-processing to each recorded frame during the playback.  
·Get an instant access to pixel values and timestamp of each frame in the memory sequence.  

ActiveDcam uses multiple threads to support video acquisition, therefore it does not require separate components for thread management.

This document gives a detailed description of ActiveDcam, its properties and methods; it also explains how to use ActiveDcam objects to perform the most common tasks.

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