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This property page is used to select the properties specifying the source for the video input.


Select from the following options:

Displays the vendor's name and model of the currently selected camera. If you have more than one GenTL compatible camera or framegrabber connected to your system, you can switch to another device by choosing the corresponding camera name in the list. Equivalent to the Camera property.  
Lets you enable the continuous acquisition mode. If this box is checked, the board will continuously acquire the video into the internal image memory. If the control is visible, the live video will be displayed in the control window. Equivalent to the Acquire property.  
Use this option to set the number of seconds to wait for a frame to be acquired. Typically used to assign the timeout when the Trigger mode is active. If the timeout expires, the Timeout event event will be raised. Equivalent to the Timeout property.  
Acquisition mode
Lets you select the desired acquisition mode from the list. The acquisition mode defines how many frames will be captured when the Acquire option is enabled. Equivalent to the AcquisitionMode property.  
Use this option to set the number of frames to be captured when Acquisition mode is set to MultiFrame. Equivalent to the AcquisitionFrameCount property.  

Trigger Source
Lets you select the configuration of a trigger signal. The rest of the options in the Trigger group are dependent on this selection. Equivalent to the TriggerSelector property.  

Check this box to enable the selected trigger. This mode is typically used with an asynchronously resetable camera. An acquisition will occur upon receiving a signal from an external hardware Trigger Source. Equivalent to the Trigger property.  
Trigger Source
Lets you select the source for the selected trigger. Depending on a camera, there may be one or more hardware trigger inputs as well as the software trigger. If the software trigger is available and selected, use the Software Trigger button to simulate the trigger event. If the camera doesn't support trigger source selection, this option will be unavailable. Equivalent to the TriggerSource property and SoftTrigger method.  
Trigger activation
Lets you change the activation mode (trigger signal polarity) for the selected trigger. Equivalent to the TriggerActivation property.  
Trigger delay
Lets you select the value for the trigger delay which defines the time between the arrival of the trigger signal and its effective activation. Equivalent to the TriggerDelayRaw property.