GenTL setup
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ActiveGeni interfaces to cameras, framegrabber and other video devices using the GenICam GenTL protocol. GenTL (Generic Transport Layer) is the standard developed by the European Machine Vision Association which allows software applications to control video devices and acquire video from them regardless of a specific hardware technology used in such video devices.

The GenICam GenTL standard defines two different entities: the GenTL Producer and the GenTL Consumer. A GenTL Producer is a software driver provided by a hardware manufacturer and implementing the GenTL interface for a specific video device or a series of video devices. A GenTL Consumer is software which can use one or multiple GenTL producers to access and configure video devices and receive image data from them. ActiveGeni SDK is a GenTL consumer and as such, it requires a GenTL producer installed on the system for each video device to use.


Typically, a camera or framegrabber manufacturer that offers a GenTL producer, would include it into their driver/API installer. Therefore, in most cases it would be enough to perform the installation of the manufacturer's software and reboot in order to set up your system for the use of ActiveGeni with your camera(s). A GenTL producer is provided as a file with the "cti" extension, which stands for "common transport interface". Per GenTL standard, the installer would have to add the path where the "cti" file can be found to a path environmental variable with the name GENICAM_GENTL32_PATH or GENICAM_GENTL64_PATH (for 64-bit Windows). If you are not sure whether the manufacturer's setup contains the GenTL producer installation, go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environmental Variables and check for the presence of the GenTL standard path in the System variables.

In some cases a camera manufacturer may not include the GenTL producer installation into their software setup, but have a separate "cti" file provided on demand. In this case you should obtain the "cti" file from your camera or framegrabber manufacturer and copy it into the GenTL subfolder located in the ActiveGeni folder (typically C:\Program Files\ActiveGeni).

Before running your video device with ActiveGeni, make sure to run a viewer provided as part of the manufacturer's software and confirm that you can receive the video and control the camera. If you are using video devices from different manufacturers and intend to use them with ActiveGeni, the installation of GenTL producers must be performed for each of them.

Once the steps above are completed, from the Start menu select Programs -> ActiveGeni -> GeniViewer. The viewer window should appear with the live video from the camera, allowing you to scroll and zoom the live image, adjust the camera settings and save the images. You are now ready to move to the next chapter and create your own GenICam-based application!