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To install ActiveGeni, perform the following steps:

1.Save and exit out of all currently running applications.  
2.Insert ActiveGeni CD into the CD-ROM drive. The setup program should start automatically. The Windows Installer box with a status bar will appear while setup prepares to start the installation process.  
3.After the setup program has verified your system has the appropriate installer files, you are ready to start installing ActiveGeni. The Welcome dialog box will appear. After reading the preliminary information, click Next.  
4.The License Agreement dialog box will appear. To accept the license and continue, click I Agree, and then click Next. Note that the Next button is not available until you click I Agree. If you do not accept the license, click I Do Not Agree, and setup will terminate.  
5. The Choose Setup Type dialog box will appear. Select which version of ActiveGeni you want to install: Basic or DVR.  
6.The Select Installation Options dialog box will appear, where you can modify features to be installed. The dafault location of ActiveGeni files is C:\Program Files\ActiveGeni. If you want to change the location, click Browse... and enter the path for the desired folder. Click Next.  
7. The Ready To Install dialog box will appear. Click Install. ActiveGeni will begin installing on your system.  
8.   Once installation is finished, the Complete Setup dialog box will appear. Read the important information in the dialog and then click Finish to exit the installer. Note that depending on your operation system you might need to reboot your system at this point. You will be prompted if a reboot is required; if a message appears, follow the on-screen instructions.  
9.   Refer to the chapter to continue with the installation.