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Below is the list of the most frequently encountered issues and remedies for their resolutions:

Problem description

The camera is not recognized by ActiveGeni. "No GenTL camera found" message appears in the control window.
The manufacturer's camera driver is not installed.

The GenTL producer is not not installed.

The GenTL producer is not available from the camera manufacturer.

Install the camera driver following the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure that your can receive video and control the camera using the manufacturer's provided viewer.

Contact the camera manufacturer for the GenTL producer installation instructions. If the producer is provided in form of a separte "cti" file, place it into the GenTL or/and GenTL64 folder.

ActiveGeni can only work with cameras provided with GenTL producers/drivers. Convince your camera manufacturer to write a GenTL producer, so that their cameras could be used with universal GenICam products such as ActiveGeni.
Camera is deteced by ActiveGeni, but I cannot get the live video.
The camera is not configured correctly.

The GenTL producer provided with the camera has compatibility issues with ActiveGeni.
Make sure that you can get the video using the manufacturer's software. If you see the same problem, refer to the manufacturer's configuration instructions or contact their technical support.

Contact our technical support for further instructions.
The video is corrupted (frames are broken into parts, or synchronization is lost). Some video formats and frame rates do not work.
The manufacturer's provided GenTL producer and/or system driver has performance or hardware compatibility problems
Check the video quality using the manufacturer's provided viewer. If the same problem persists, contact the manufacturer for a solution.

When I select certain Formats, I am getting a split or scrambled video
Some cameras offer manufacturer-defined formats not compatible with standard GenICam formats
Use one of the standard formats listed in the Format chapter.
I am getting a message about camera being used by another process.
Another application is using the camera
Make sure that no other camera application is running on the system.

Check for hidden processes in the Task Manager. If you find one, kill it.

The camera could be hijacked by a video conferencing application (e.g. Skype) via ActiveGeni's DirectShow driver. If you are not using DirectShow, delete or rename GeniFilter.dll in ActiveGeni\Drivers.

Problem description

When I try to compile sample projects from their default directories in C:\Program Files, I get an error message "Could not create an output directory"
You do not have write permissions due to User Account Control (UAC).
Copy the Samples folder from C:\Program Files\ActiveGeni\ to one of your user directories (e.g. Desktop) and open sample projects from there.

Alternatively, ask your system administrator to provide you with writing permissions for the ActiveGeni folder.
VB.NET and C# sample applications do not work.
.NET framework is not installed on the system
Install the latest .NET framework from Microsoft:

When I run a live video application from within Visual Studio.NET, everything freezes.
Live video is active in the Design mode. Visual Studio.NET doesn't close the designer while starting the application.
ActiveGeni cannot run two instances of live video acquired from the same camera. Make sure to close the design view before running your application. The best way to avoid this problem is not to use live display in the design mode except for testing purposes. You can initiate acquisition in your code by setting the Acquire property to true.
I am trying to do real-time image processing in .NET, and I experience a significant drop in the frame rate.
VB.NET and C# have performance issues when working with large arrays.

FrameAcquired event has an overhead that might affect the performance
For performance boost, use unsafe code and pointers to directly access ActiveGeni image buffer. A pointer to the image buffer is provided by GetImagePointer.

For VB.NET, C# and C++ applications use FrameAcquiredX event.
AVI files are not recorded in real-time, many frames are being dropped.
Your system does not provide enough throughput or CPU power to keep up with the camera frame rate
Switch to a lower resolution mode or reduce the frame rate. If you are using a Bayer camera, consider recording the monochrome video instead of color one. Alternatively, upgrade your system to a faster hard drive and/or CPU.

Problem description

ActiveGeni installation fails with the following error: "ActiveGeni.dll failed to register, HRESULT -2147024770"
Runtimes components of Visual C++ 2005 are not installed on your system
Install Microsoft's VC++ 2005 Redistributable Package, then run ActiveGeni installation again.

For the 64-bit OS you may also need to install VC++ 2005 Redistributable Package 64

ActiveGeni installation fails with the following error: "ActiveGeni.dll failed to register, HRESULT -2147220473"
This error is usually caused by a corrupted registration of atl.dll system file.

1. Locate atl.dll, generally found in "C:\WINNT\system32" or "C:\WINDOWS\system32".
2. Open the command-line prompt
·o Start Menu/Run  
·o type "cmd"  
·o press "ENTER"  
3. Using the atl.dll filename and path, call regsvr32, i.e. at the command-line prompt, type:
·o regsvr32 "C:\WINNT\system32\atl.dll"  
·o press "ENTER"  
4. You should see a regsvr32 window, confirming success: Close it.
5. Repeat ActiveGeni installation.