Distributing your application
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If you create one or several applications using GigESim SDK, your distribution package should include gigesimsdk.dll for 32-bit application and/or gigesimsdk64.dll for 64-bit applications . In addition, you must ensure that the following files exit on the end-user's system:

mfc42.dll, v.6.0
MFCDLL shared library
msvcrt.dll, msvcrt40.dll
C run-time libraries
OLE property frame
control registration utility

These files are part of the Windows operating system and they are typically located in the Windows system directory. Please refer to Microsoft's redistribution policy if you need to redistribute them.

When a GigESim based application is executed for the first time on an end-user's system, it will display the registration dialog (see Registration). You should instruct the user to provide you or your distributor with a Control ID displayed in the dialog. After the run-time license of the user is validated, the distributor will issue a unique serial number which will unlock the control on the user's machine.