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Camera List

ActiveUSB API is designed to work with any camera which complies with the USB3 Vision standard. Some cameras may require a firmware upgrade to a U3V version. The following cameras lines have been tested with ActiveUSB SDK in VB6, VB.NET, C#, C++, Delphi, LabView and Matlab:
Manufacturer Model
Allied Vision Technologies Mako USB 3.0 series
Basler Vision Technologies Ace USB 3.0 series
Baumer Optronic MX and PX USB 3.0 series
Crowley MACHCAM 71 ultra-high-resolution camera
IDS uEye U3V series
ISG LightWise Allegro USB 3.0 series
JAI GO and SP USB3 series
Lumenera Lt USB 3.0 series
Matrix Vision mvBlueFox series
PixeLink PL-D***CU and PL-D***MU series
Pleora Technologies iPort CL-U3, SB-U3, NTx-U3 modules
Point Grey Backfly, Chameleon3, Flea 3 and Grasshopper3 series
Sensor to Image FPGA U3V engines
Sentech STC U3V series
Smartek twentynine USB3 series
Sumix Hummingbird SMX-16Exx series
Toshiba Teli BU series
XIMEA GmbH xiQ series