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Sends the specified event message to the network.

 SendEvent(unsigned short eventId, unsigned short channel = 0xFFFF, bool requireAck = true);

[in] unsigned short eventID  
Integer value specifying the numerical ID of the event.  
[in] unsigned int channel  
Integer value specifying the index of the streaming channel associated with the event. Default value of 0xFFFF specifies that no streaming channel is involved.  

[in] bool requireAck  
If TRUE, the virtual camera will wait for the acknowledge reply from the GigE Vision client.  

Return Values



This line of code generates a single event and sends it over the network:



This method generates a standard EVENT message per GigE Vision specifications. It is typically associated with a certain action of the virtual camera of which a GigE Vision client should be notified. The event will contain a timestamp indicating the exact time at which the event was generated. Depending on the Timer Mode, the timestamp will be reported either in the astronomical time or time elapsed from the start of the virtual camera application.

The channelIndex parameter should be used only if your virtual camera supports multiple streaming channels. For a regular GigE Vision transfer this parameter should remain in its default zero value.

If you want to associate your event messages with GenICam event features, you should call CreateEventCategory and CreateEvent prior to calling SendEvent.

Note that this method generates an EVENT message as opposed to EVENTDATA message generated by SendEventData.