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Sets the maximum horizontal and vertical size of outgoing images.

 SetMaxImageSize(int maxWidth, int maxHeight);

[in] int maxWidth  
Maximum horizontal size of the image in pixels.  
[in] int maxHeight  
Maximum vertical size of the image in pixels.  

Return Values



This fragment of code instantiates a camera object and sets up the maximum image size :

static CGevCamera* m_pCamera;  
m_pCamera = createCamera();  
m_pCamera->SetImageSize (4000, 3000);  


This method defines the maximum values of the Width and Height features of the virtual camera and uses them to reserve internal image buffers. In the real world this corresponds to the maximum size of the camera sensor.

Width and Height are mandatory GigE Vision features which are automatically created when a virtual camera object is instantiated. They define the current image size which represents a region of interest and be smaller than the maximum image size. See SendImage for more details.

If this method is not called, GigESim will be using the default maximum image size of 4096x4096.

Note that if the maximum image size is too large, the 32-bit version of GigESim may not be able to reserve the memory needed for its operation. If this happens, use the 64-bit version.

The camera must be in the disconnected state in order for SetMaxImageSize to work.