GigEmulator application
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GigEmulator is a GUI application that behaves as a standard GigE Vision camera with a selectable version of the standard (GEV 1.2 or GEV 2.0), variable image size, multiple supported pixel formats, adjustable frame rate and exposure time. The simulated camera supports two streaming channels, multicast mode, chunk data, image compression (JPEG and H.264). It allows you to send message events to remote clients, both in the manual and automatic modes. It can also simulate a linescan camera with dynamically changing image height.

GigEmulator can be configured to output a generated moving pattern or video frames from an AVI file in a continuous loop. It can work in the free-run mode or trigger mode. Triggering can be performed via the Software Trigger or Action commands.

The application is very easy to use. You only have to select a network card which the emulator will be bound to and click the Connect button. This will make the virtual camera immediately available to all GigE Vision client applications on the network (such as A&B Software's ActiveGigE). Once a client application issues the AcquisitionStart command, the simulated video from GigEmulator will appear on the client application's screen.

If you need to simulate several GigE Vision cameras using one computer, just run several instances of GigEmulator. Each of them will be automatically assigned a unique IP address, MAC address and serial number, essentially providing you with several virtual cameras operating on the same network interface. Alternatively, you can manually bound each instance of GigEmulator to a separate network interface. See Working with multiple cameras for more details.

If you develop your own GigE Vision sever application using GigESim SDK, it is recommended to run GigEmulator first to make sure that all network components are configured correctly and the targeted network performance is achieved.

To start the emulator on Windows, run "GigEmulator.exe" from GigESim working folder. You can also run it through the Windows Start Menu: Start -> All Programs -> GigESim -> GigEmulator.

To start the emulator on Linux, run "GigEmulator" from .opt/gigesim/. For the first run use the terminal window and "sudo" command:
sudo ./GigEmulator

For the information on GigEmulator's user interface and functionality refer to the following topics:

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