GigEmulator User Interface
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When you start GigEmulator, the following user interface will be displayed.


Select from the following options:

Lets you select the network interface to which the emulated camera will be bound. The box contains the list of all network interfaces found in the system and listed by their IP addresses.  
Custom IP
Check this box if you want the virtual camera's IP address to be different from the IP address of the network adapter it is bound to. If this option is selected, the IP Address, Mask and Gateway fields will become available. Make sure that the newly assigned IP address matches the subnet of the network adapter, or otherwise a client application may not be able to establish connection with the emulator. Using this option is necessary when you need to run several instances of the GigEmulator on the same network interface. See Working with multiple cameras for more details.  
MAC Address
Use this option to enter the MAC address which will be assigned to the virtual camera. When several instances of the emulator are connected to the same network interface, their MAC addresses should be different.  
Use this option to simulate the name of the manufacturer associated with your virtual camera.  
Use this option to simulate the model name of the virtual camera.  
Device Info
Use this option to enter the device information to be available to a client application.  
Use this option to enter the version of the device associated with the virtual camera.  
Serial number
Use this option to enter the serial number of the virtual camera. When several instances of the emulator are used, it is recommended to assign each of them a different serial number.  

Click this button to bind the emulator with the selected network card and bring the virtual camera online.  

Lets you configure the optional settings of the emulator. See General options and Advanced options for more details.  

Video source
Shows the currently selected video source. See Options for more details.  
Shows the index of the video frame being streamed at the moment on stream channel #0 and #1.  

Indicates that the emulator is connected to the network interface and ready to communicate with GigE Vision clients.  

Indicates that the emulator has established connection with at least one GigE Vision client.  

Indicates that the emulator is currently streaming video data. The green light corresponds to stream channel #0, blue light to stream channel #1, yellow light to both stream channels working in parallel.