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Camera List

ActiveDcam ActiveX control is designed to work with any 1394 camera that complies with IIDC 1394-based Digital Camera Specification (DCAM) v 1.30 and v 1.31. The following FireWire cameras have been tested with ActiveDcam SDK in VB, VB.NET, C#, C++ and Delphi:
Manufacturer Model
1stVision MC-F433C, MC-F333FT
Alkeria Lira and Opera series
Allied Vision Technologies Dolphin, Guppy, Marlin, Oscar, Stingray and Pike series
Apple Computer iSight
Basler Vision A101, A102, A302, 311, A312, A601, A602, A631, A641, Scout series
Baumer Optronic DWX03, DWX08, DWX14, TXD03, TXD06, TXD13, TXD14, TXD20
C-Cam Technologies BCi-4, BCi-5, BCi-4-6600
Cohu 6100, 7200, 7700-3000
Hamamatsu C8484-05G, C4742-95, C4742-96, C4742-98
Hitachi HV-F22, HV-F31, KP-FD30, KP-F120F, KP-F140F, KP-F140UVF
Imaging Solutions Group LightWise FireWire IEEE-1394 series
Imaging Source DBK, DFK, DMK, DMM, DFM, DBM series
IMI Technology RHEIN, HAN, NILE and PEARL series,
JVC KY-F75U, KY-F1030
Kamera Werk Dresden LOGLUX i5 FW
Kappa Opto-electronics PS4-FW, PS4C-FW, PS40-FW and PS40C-FW series
Micro-Epsilon LLT2800 (laser-line profile sensor)
Micropix M-640, C-640, M-1024, C-1024
Net Electronic Technology FOculus IEEE1394 series
Optronics MicroFire, MacroFire, QuantiFire
Philips Applied Technologies Dica 121, Inca 311, Inca 321
PixeLink PL-A741, PL-A742, PL-A774, PL-A776, PL-A782, PL-A622C, PL-A632C, PL-B741F, PL-B742F, PL-B771F, PL-B776F, PL-B782F
Point Grey Research Dragonfly, Dragonfly Express, Firefly-2, Flea, Grasshopper, Scorpion, Bumblebee
Prosilica CV640, CV640C, CV1280, EC640, EC640C, EC650, EC650C, EC655, EC750, EC750C, EC1280, EC1350, EC1380, EC1380C
Redlake MegaPlus II ES1602, ES1603, ES2020, ES2093, ES3200, ES4020, ES11000, EC11000
Sony XCD-V50, XCD-V60, XCD-SX90, XCD-U100, DFW-V500, DFW-X710, DFW-SX910, XCD-X710, XCD-SX910
Toshiba Teli CSB1100F, CSB4000F, CS3950DIF, CS6910F, CS8550DIF, CS8581QF, CSF series
Unibrain Fire-i, Fire-i 400
VDS Vosskuhler CCD-1300, CCD-1020, CCD-1000, CCD-2000, CCD-4000, CCD-11000
Videre Design DCSG, DCSG-C, MDCS2, MDCS2-C