Global provider of industrial vision components

"A&B worked with us to provide a solution using hand-coded SSE instructions for maximum speed. As far as I can tell, they have some of the fastest commercial CPU-only processing on the market. And their support is great. ".

Jeff Cox,
Olympus ITA

"Thanks again for all the help you've provided to us on this project. The system has been working great! A&B has gone above and beyond for us and we'll remember that when the next project comes around".

Josh Lowery,
Snaptron Inc

"I am excited with the progress you have been making with incorporating A&B Software's technology into our product. The results are very impressive. Keep up the excellent work ".

Ken Stineman,
Incyte Genomics


During the last years we successfully completed projects some of which are listed below:

Airborne network camera simulator and validator

U.S. Air Force

A&B Software took a major role in developing ANCS standard for high-speed airborn network cameras. Our long-term collaboration with the U.S. Air Force and Optical System Group resulted in the creation of the ANCS camera simulator and validator as well as IRIG Chapter 10 video recording software.

Wafer Inspection and Defect Review System

Olympus Integrated Technologies, San Jose, California

As part of our licensing agreement with Olympus, we developed custom image processing libraries integrated into OITA's wafer inspection and metrology systems. The libraries included high-speed color conversion and shading correction functions for CameraLink and IIDC-1394 devices and were implemented as add-ons to our ActiveDcam and ActiveBF products.

Gigabit camera and monitor simulation software

Elbit Systems, Haifa, Israel

Under a contract with 1Vision Ltd, we developed Gigabit simulation software for Elbit's DCOMPASS™ high-performance electro-optical infrared payload systems. The software provided an API for developing simulation frameworks for both transmitting and receiving devices

Laser-guided Video Processing and Recording System

Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate, US Army, Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Under a contract with NVESD we developed a night vision video processing and recording application. The software uses a laser impulse to automatically synchronize with a trigger-driven FireWire camera, perform a sofisticated image processing routine and record the resulting video into multiple AVI files - all in real time.

1394 TWAIN Interface

Sony Electronics, Park Ridge, New Jersey

A&B Software was selected by Sony to develop a TWAIN driver and related software for Sony's complete line of industrial 1394 and GigE cameras. The driver allows for real-time control over camera's settings, on-the-fly Bayer conversion, automatic white balance correction, 8- and 16-bit acquisition, variable ROI selection, and has an advanced user interface oriented to scientific imaging applications.

High-speed line-scan camera API

ChronoRace, Paal-Beringen, Belgium

A set of custom functions developed as an extention to our ActiveGigE SDK allowed ChronoRace to perform real-time processing of images and data acquired from GigE Vision line-scan cameras. The software is used in the company's photofinish systems to electronically time sporting events.

X-ray Vision Inspection Software

North Star Imaging, Rogers, Minnesota

We were subcontracted by NSI to develop the software for an automated X-ray inspection of a military-grade product. Based on our ImageWarp SDK and custom image processing algorithms, the software generates clear images of powder columns located inside complex-shaped metal cases, inspects the columns for the dimensional and density variations and communicates with a PLC unit for the real-time sorting of the product.

USB-to-GigE software converter

Global Immersion, Haywards Heath, England

The DomeScope application developed by us for Global Immersion converts multiple USB cameras into virtual GigE Vision cameras that stream video to multiple network locations. The application is part of the Global Immersion's Digital Planetarium Theater.

DirectShow video conversion filters

Diamond Power International, Lancaster, Ohio

As part of our licensing agreement with Diamond Power International, we developed a set of custom DirectShow filters that worked in combination with our GigE Vision video capture source. The filters perform a high-performance video transformation/conversion and are used in the company's temperature measurement systems.

DirectShow Video Capture Driver

Toshiba Teli Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

Under our licensing agreement with Toshiba Teli, we developed a DirectShow (WDM) Video Capture driver for the company's 1394 and GigE cameras. The driver provides an end-user and programmatic interface to DirectShow-based video applications, handles multiple camera connections and serves as a layer within TeliDCAM 1394 SDK.

Digital FireWire Camera SDK

Karl Storz Imaging, Goletta, CA

Our long-term project with Karl Storz Imaging resulted in developing a new DCAM-compliant SDK for the full line of Optronics digital FireWire microscope cameras. The SDK is implemented as a COM-object with an intuitive GUI and extended functionality which includes software-based auto-exposure and white balance, frame averaging, background correction, sequence capture and many more.

Dual-Camera Digital Video Recorder

MuDel Advanced Technologies, Manassas, Virginia

As part of MuDel's ImproveIT golf swing analysis system, we developed MuCam, an embedded dual-view DVR application interfaced with two GigE Vision cameras. It records and plays back two high-speed synchronized video sreams allowing for a full control over the camera settings, slow-motion and step-by-step playback, saving dual-videos on a USB drive and loading them back for a subsequent analysis.

ImageWarp Industrial and Scientific Image Analysis Software

BitFlow Inc., Woburn, Massachusetts

We took a major role in developing ImageWarp, BitFlow's major software offering. ImageWarp is a universal image analysis, processing and editing software which combines the power of graphic development environment, comprehensive image analysis toolset, and programming development techniques. The product has been successfully demonstrated at domestic and international Vision shows and received a semi-final award of the MIT 50K competition.

Binocular Alignment Station Software

MicroOptical Corporation (currently Myvu Corporation) , Wellesley, Massachusetts

A&B Software was subcontracted by MicroOptical to develop MicroAlign - imaging application for the company's Nevada Binocular Viewer Bridge Alignment Station. The application acquires two high-resolution 1392x1240 video streams from a pair of Basler 1394 CCD cameras, merges them into one pseudo-color image, corrects for the shift and rotation, provides control over camera parameters and measures the optical focus - all in real time.

Auto-tracking Mugshot Photo Station

Providence Police Department , Providence, Rhode Island

After winning a bid with the City of Providence, we developed and installed several mugshot photo stations for the Providence Police Department. Utilizing high-resolution IEEE-1394 cameras and our proprietary feature detection algorithms, the stations perform the auto-tracking and auto-cropping of a subject's face and shoulders thus ensuring a high dimensional and colorific uniformity of collected images per NIST MugShot Best Practice Recommendations.

High-Resolution Confocal Microscopy System

UCLA, Division of Molecular Medicine, Los Angeles, California

We partnered with Cardiovascular Research Laboratories at UCLA in developing a high-resolution confocal microscopy system. A custom version of our ActiveBF component allowed the system to maintain the acquisition rate of 60 fps while performing a resonant scanning correction and frame averaging in real time.

OPUS1 Video Acquisition Driver

Optic Valley Photonics, Tucson, Arizona

A&B Software developed a video acquisition driver and image processing software for OVP's OPUS1 high-resolution digital color camera. The driver provided image acquisition at 2268x1512 resolution with 14 bit per channel pixel depth, GUI and scripting control over camera parameters, real time linearization and background subtraction, built-in color-matrices, manual and automatic white balance correction and more.

Thames Multiscan Web Inspection System

Konarka Technologies, Lowell, Massachusetts

Together with Thames E&D we developed Thames Multiscan, a vision inspection system for in-line testing and monitoring of Konarka's Power Plastic® prototype coating line. Using a Dalsa Pirahna line-scan camera and Keyance Active Laser Confocal Measurement system allowed us to achieve the precision as high as 0.001" across the web and 0.1 micron in thickness measurements. Proprietary algorithms were written to compensate for the web vibration and spatial distortion.

Multi-Dimensional Resonant-Scanning Software

Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri

In collaboration with WashU Department of Pathology and Immunology, we wrote the software for 4-dimentional resonant scanning. The software acquires four simultaneous video streams from BitFlow Raven board, performs real-time spatial deformation and temporal averaging of images, controls x-y stage and z focus of a microscope, regulates the shutters, wavelenghts and pump power of two high-energy pulsed lasers.

SnapScan Vision Inspection Software

Snaptron Inc., Loveland, Colorado

We were subcontracted by Snaptron Inc. to develop SnapScan, vision inspection and process control software for the company's integrated inspection/production system. The system performs vision inspection of tactile dome arrays of arbitrary configuration and controls an LMI laser to precisely cut various hole patterns in the product. Utilizing our ImageWarp SDK allowed the software to achieve a precision level of 1/10th of a pixel (0.001") with a guarantied throughput of 120 ms per image analysis cycle.

Automated Gene Expression Microarray Analysis

Incyte Genomics, Freemont, California

A&B Software participated in the development of GEMTools, the company's core software product. Our collaboration resulted in a very robust gridding algorithm for microarrays of arbitrary sizes and configurations (up to ten thousand elements). A number of highly optimized image processing functions were developed for auto-segmentation and analysis of each individual element with uploading genomic information into a database.

Vision Inspection Software for Production Quality Control

Eink Corp, Cambridge, Massachusetts

We developed a proprietary software for quality control of the company's paper-like "electronic ink" displays. Using an original MMX-based image processing code, multithreading engine and high-resolution line-scan camera allowed an inspection system to achieve a throughput of 1000 cm/sec, while analyzing defects as small as 0.1 mm

Signtel Interpreter

Signtel Inc, North Haven, Connecticut

Our two-year cooperation with Signtel resulted in creating the company's core product Signtel Interpreter, a hardware/software system which translates spoken English into American Sign Language in real time. Our team took a major part in all phases of the product creation: from the initial proposal and original ideas to the technical documentation to the final release.

Assembly Control Machine Vision System

Microtouch Systems, Methuen, Massachusetts

In collaboration with Thames E&D, we developed a manufacturing control system for precise aligning a printed plastic sheet to a substrate and accurately assemble them. The system used our proprietary image processing algorithm for calculating rotational and linear movement of the positioning table.

Thames Multicam Vision Inspection System

Longwood Industries, Norwich, Connecticut

Under a contract with Thames E&D, we developed several automated systems for inspecting Longwood's rubber parts. Each system utilized six cameras and transparent carousel to collect multiple views of a product and locate defects on the inside and outside surfaces. The proprietary image analysis algorithms used in the program provided for a robust inspection and sorting of many different parts such as gaskets, O-rings, grommets and custom shapes.

Telephone For the Deaf

Integrated Communications Technologies, Waterford, Connecticut

Our principals took a key role in developing a neural network based system for real-time video tracking and recognizing American Sign Language gestures. The two-year research project resulted in creating a prototype that could successfully recognize and translate in real time 100 signs performed by a signer in front of a video-camera.